Why Diplomatic Immunity Is The Best Rap Album Ever, No Homo

The Diplomats. A rap group consisting of Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Freaky Zeekey, Hell Rell, and others. They reached the height of their popularity in the mid to late 2000s after signing with Roc-A-Fella Records. Their first, and most prestigious group album, released in 2003, was titled Diplomatic Immunity. Rap music would never be the same.

Powerful Music

Powerful Music

This, readers, is the greatest rap album in the modern era. I will explain why.

  • Un Kasa’s Intro

Most people that have heard of Cam’ron and the rest of the Dip Set varsity squad had never heard of Un Kasa. I hadn’t. So how does Cam start the album? Un Kasa asks to bless the intro, but Cam’ron informs him that the album is done. But, since Mr. Giles is a caring and loving individual, he has Young Guru pull up a track, and threatens Mr. Kasa that it better not be wack. Two Gun Un does not disappoint.

It’s a shame how I rap so bananas
It’s Mr. Two-Gun Un
Mother fuckers better cock back them hammers
You might catch in the drop blowin pop wit Santana
The hawk on me’s not from Atlanta
It’s just the father to the glocks in the hamper
Look in the rear view the cops in the camera
I flow hot like blocks down in Tampa
And leave you dead pop shot from them glammers
And go down south and rock wit them bamas
And come back in the Porsche color hot banana
Vanilla coat seats piper made by Tropicana
Speakers do the wop rims do the Macarena

Yes, Speakers do the wop…

…and the rims do the Macarena…


  • Hell (Ruger) Rell Rapping FROM JAIL

We first meet Hell Rell towards the end of disc one. On a phone call with Juelz Santana, we discover that Hell Rell is current imprisoned, but that he will be home soon. No, this is not just an opportunity to update us on his legal predicaments, Mr. Rell leaves us with some lyrical gems. But first, he has to quiet someone in his immediate vicinity…

Ayo ma, ayo ma, be quiet I’m bout to spit this crack…

Who does he have to quiet while in jail?!

Quiet. He has crack to spit.

Quiet. He has crack to spit.

The world may never know…

  • The Unification of the North and the South

One of the best and earliest collaborations between a Northern and Southern artist since Outkast and Raekwon on the Aquemini album, the Dip Set and No Limit rendition of “Bout It, Bout It” represents the single greatest attempt to close the rift in America caused by the Three Fifth Compromise, South Carolina’s secession, and the Reconstruction Era.

Way to go, South Carolina

Way to go, South Carolina

Both crews being extremely popular, this song did a lot for NY rap/South rap relations. Are the Diplomats in fact, actual Diplomats? It seems so.

Cam had a vision. Man I seen it…

  • “I Really Mean It” Will Be Played  At My Wedding

Take a couple sentences off, let Just live…

Although the various members of the Diplomats went on to have varying levels of success in their individual careers, this album represents the apex. A Diplomatic Immunity volume 2 was eventually released, but it will never match up to perfect storm that is responsible for creating this classic record. Rejoice amongst these blog pages, as we celebration the greatest rap album ever.




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