Flask Tie – Proof That Science Can Solve All Life’s Problems

It seems like whenever I write a post, relevant material always comes to my attention immediately after.  For example, after the post about Sasha Obama, the Inauguration gave us some great photographs to go further show how she really doesn’t have time for that. Well, after writing the recent entry about Sneaking Alcohol Into Places You Shouldn’t, I learned about the magnificent creation known as the Flask Tie.

No caption needed. Wait...

No caption needed. Wait…

Flask Tie is the result of a brilliant group of minds, that when presented with a problem (drinking inconspicuously while looking presentable), came up with the IDEAL solution (something presentable and inconspicuous looking that contains drink).

Inconspicuous while holding up to 8oz of your choice of beverage (roughly 5 shots worth), it is perfect in situations where one needs to wear semi casual attire, yet still have spirits readily available. The self seal prevents any spillage or alcohol related stains that could give away your unsavory activities.

So easy a caveman could do it.

So easy a caveman could do it.

Flask Tie can be purchased at Flasktie.co in a variety of colors and patterns so that one can be fashionably forward while remaining alcoholically prepared. Get yours before I buy them all (seriously).


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