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Fake Butts/Breast Are The PED’s Of Modeling

A lot of news nowadays is being focused athletes using PEDs, that is Performance Enhancing Drugs. As science advances and times change, what constitutes a PED  can change. Many popular athletes have been accused of using PEDs in order to … Continue reading

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Flask Tie – Proof That Science Can Solve All Life’s Problems

It seems like whenever I write a post, relevant material always comes to my attention immediately after.  For example, after the post about Sasha Obama, the Inauguration gave us some great photographs to go further show how she really doesn’t … Continue reading

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Flavored Vodka – What’s Next?

I’m not a picky drinker. I will try most spirits, wines and beers. Keep the malt beverages away from me. But I’m not picky. I’m open to anything. The biggest recent, popular phenomenon is flavored vodkas. Now this is good, … Continue reading

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Sneaking Alcohol Into Places You Shouldn’t – A Guide

Let’s be real, next to stealing and kidnapping babies, sneaking alcohol into places that you should not is one of life’s greatest rushes. The possibility of getting caught, as well as the inherent fun involved with sipping discreetly placed beverages, … Continue reading

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