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Ay Dios Mio – Possible Chicken Wing Shortage Ahead

Fox News recently reported that due to increasing costs of feed and the high demand, less chickens will be able to be produced. ‚ÄúChicken companies produced about 1 percent fewer birds last year, due in large part to record high … Continue reading

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Johnny Football: Future 1st Round Pick In The 2013 Racial Draft

For those unfamiliar with the Racial Draft, it’s a popular sketch from the since cancelled Chappelle Show. The basic premise of the sketch is that different racial groups draft from a pool of celebrities, often biracial or otherwise, similar to … Continue reading

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Flask Properties

Since this is Uncle P’s Flask, it is essential that I inform the masses about proper flask use. The flask has been the staple of the stealthy drunk for years. Created in the 18th century, the purpose of the flask … Continue reading

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Top 7 Songs To Sing Out Loud At White People Bars Before Closing Time

As a Black male who has spent considerable time among many races due to school and work, nothing is quite like spending an evening with inebriated white folks. I am a huge fan of music of all genres, but it … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That? – Wine In A Box

Some things, when you hear about them, sound so absolutely genius, that you wonder why you didn’t think about them. As one who contemplates the mysteries of packaging and transporting beverages daily (not really), the realization that wine in a … Continue reading

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Why James Bond Is “That Dude” (Revisited)

While watching this James Bond marathon on Encore, I came to the realization that Agent 007 is in fact “that dude.” He is “a man’s man” as a good friend of mine liked to say. Now, in list form, I … Continue reading

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